strong January 2018 performance for SWM ETF portfolios

SWM’s ETF portfolios all showed strong gains in January 2018. These ranged from 0.54% for our fixed-income portfolio, up to 8.04% for our 1 x leveraged equity portfolio. Global equities continue their march higher, and we are comfortable to remain fully overweight, with a focus on Green/ethical ETFs and technology ETFs. Despite many cries for a major market correction, our technical and network analytics signals indicate the opposite: a well-established, healthy rally which will continue for many months. Please see our January 2018 Investment Insights for full details.

Fuelled by significant US dollar weakness (down 3.4%), emerging market equities were the stars of January 2018 (+8.56%). Japanese equities were notable for lagging global equities, however we expect strong performance in the coming months. US Treasuries sold off during January, as growth expectations continue to be pegged upwards. A positive inflation surprise in the US remains the key risk to the current goldilocks scenario for equities, we believe.

Please follow this link to read Secure Wealth Management’s monthly ETF portfolio review for January 2018.