SWM ESG portfolio performance October 2018

October was a tough month in global markets, with a sharp correction occurring across the board. Global equities were down 7.5% for the month, with technology and small-cap sectors hit particularly hard. Bonds were also weak during the month. SWMs ESG portfolios underperformed their benchmarks due to our overweight positioning in equities. The reasons for the correction were twofold:

(1) fears of stronger US growth leading to higher rates rises by the Fed and negatively impacting equity valuations and

(2) weaker earnings from some of the more internationally-exposed US companies.

SWM’s technical indicators, network analytics signals and fundamental inputs indicate that this was a correction within an ongoing equity up-trend, and represents a buying opportunity for long-term equity investors.

Please follow this link to read Secure Wealth Management’s monthly ETF portfolio review for October 2018.