SWM ETF portfolio fact sheets, March 2020: historic market panic presents buying opportunity

Despite suffering heavy losses in the market crash, SWM’s sustainability-focused ETF portfolios all outperformed their benchmarks by 1%-2% in March, and are outperforming their benchmarks by between 2% and 3.5% year-to-date.  We would highlight that, on a 3-year view, the benchmarks for our multi-asset and equity ETF portfolios are now all showing zero or negative performance, whereas all of our ETF strategies show high single-digit positive performance for the same period. This continues the strong outperformance we have demonstrated over many years. Our technical and network analytics signals indicate there is currently a floor forming in equity markets and that a degree of sellers’ exhaustion has set in.

Whilst markets may go lower again, in particular if the US situation continues to be disastrous, we recommend that clients begin to allocate cash to equity markets at current levels, with a phased buying programme over the next couple of months. We have seen historic levels of panic, fear and selling volumes, typically a good time to consider allocating cash for the long-term. The market will reflect declining infection rates and economic recovery well ahead of the popular press and social media.

Please follow this link to read Secure Wealth Management’s monthly ETF portfolio review for March 2020.