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ETF portfolios with ESG focus


ecure Wealth Management (SWM) provides actively-managed ETF portfolio solutions within an ESG framework.

From our base in Geneva, we partner with wealth managers, family offices, Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) and financial planners.

SWM works with BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, in our ETF portfolio construction and ESG ETF screening. We make extensive use of their ETF Model Portfolio research.

Our ETF portfolios are available via 5 UBS-issued Certificates (Swiss ISIN with USD, GBP and EUR classes). Alternatively, we can set up individual managed accounts for your clients.

Our actively-managed ETF portfolios allow you to outsource some of the investment management function. This will free up your time to grow your business and gather assets, without having to worry about the investment markets.

SWM offers 15 variants on 5 core multi-asset portfolios consisting entirely of highly-liquid ETFs. The 15 ETF portfolios are graded across the client risk spectrum. The ETF portfolios provide a fully diversified, cost-effective and completely transparent solution for a client’s core portfolio requirements. All of SWM’s portfolios offer complete flexibility to clients, who can encash their portfolios in 24 hours.

We are able to offer you a white-label solution, enabling you to provide your clients with your own family of low-cost, diversified and risk-managed ETF portfolios.

The world of financial advice is changing. Advisers will be paid directly by clients, and will seek to minimise product charges. SWM offers an ideal solution for tomorrow’s financial adviser.

The benefits to advisers of using our portfolios include low costs, instant diversification, simplicity, ease of explanation and implementation. Behind the scenes, Secure Wealth works tirelessly to ensure a rigorous and professional risk management framework for your clients’ portfolios. Please see investment approach for an overview of the key elements in our investment process.

We have been running our ETF portfolios for over eight years, delivering strong returns both in absolute and risk-adjusted terms. Our ETF selection is based on a blend of fundamental analysis and proprietary technical indicators. Quantitative risk management is the cornerstone of SWM’s investment process, including inputs supplied by Financial Network Analytics, SWM’s strategic partner for risk management.

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  • "We partner with wealth managers, freeing up their time to grow their business, without having to worry about investment markets."

    James DougallManaging Director, Secure Wealth Management

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