SWM ETF portfolio fact sheets, March 2021: most upside for crypto and equities

All SWM portfolios bar fixed-income showed positive returns in March 2021. Our new crypto growth strategy, and our conservative portfolio both outperformed during the month (the other strategies were in-line with benchmarks). Year-to-date we are now showing 2.5% outperformance for the SWM Equity ETF portfolio and 2% outperformance for the SWM conservative ETF portfolio (again the other strategies are in-line year-to-date). March was marked by further weakness in US technology, healthcare and small-cap stocks. Inflation concerns continued to mount, and sector rotation was universally pushed by banks and brokers.

Our trading signals indicate that the tech and small-cap sell-off was a correction following the massive bull run in 2020 and early 2021, and not a change of trend into a bear market. Whilst our relative performance suffered somewhat during March, we have elected not to change our overweight position in US technology and small-caps. The last days of the month were significant, with strong bounces across the board for these sectors, as well as bond prices potentially forming a floor, and the growth-driven commodity rally in 2021 taking a pause. For the rest of 2021 we expect significant strength in crypto (as the space achieves mainstream adoption) and equities. These remain our core overweight asset classes.

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