SWM ETF portfolio fact sheets, August 2020: ESG ETFs continue to shine

August 2020 was a very strong month for SWM’s ETF portfolios with ESG/sustainability focus. Our equity and multi-asset strategies posted very strong gains (between 3% and 6.8% for the month). The stars were (once again) our ESG/sustainable ETFs, including TAN (Invesco Solar ETF) up 26% in the month. This provides further weight to the already conclusive evidence that ESG/sustainable investing outperforms traditional investing. Our equity overweight in place since April has driven strong outperformance this year. Our multi-asset and equity ETF portfolios are outperforming their benchmarks by between 5% and 10% year-to-date, with further material outperformance added in August. This continues our long-running outstanding track record across all strategies and time horizons (details on p.2 of the fact sheets).

We believe a huge wave of growth and innovation will be triggered post Covid-19 and continue to recommend a high weighting in equities. However, our trading signals indicate a small number of non-confirmations currently and we will be watching very closely in the next days and weeks. If we conclude that the strong rally since April is running out of steam, we will not hesitate to reduce our equity weightings across the board and lock in this year’s gains.

Please follow this link to read Secure Wealth Management’s monthly ETF portfolio review for August 2020.