Attractive, low-cost ETF solutions adapted to every investor type

Which portfolio?

ETF portfolios covering a broad range of risk and return profiles

Our advisers will discuss your situation, objectives and investment strategies. The cost for our advice and for managing your ETF portfolio is c.0.85% net* per annum of the value of your portfolio.


ifteen variants on five low-cost, diversified, actively managed ETF portfolios, together with professional advice.

Starting from a portfolio size of USD 100,000, you can benefit from personalised advice and an ETF portfolio appropriate for your specific requirements. The cost for this is c.0.85% net* per annum.

You retain complete control of your account at all times and can access it online 24/7. You also have the possibility to withdraw cash up to 70% of the value of your portfolio, at interest rates well below those offered by most banks. You can also employ up to 5-to-1 leverage within your account at the same highly attractive interest rates.

You can also elect to lend out the ETFs in your portfolio in order to generate additional income.

*Gross annual portfolio management fee of 1% per annum, estimated income from ETF lending of 0.15% per annum.

20% better performance simply due to lower costs*

     managed portfolio of ETFs

     traditional fund


  • identical gross returns and trading costs
  • managed ETF portfolio: 0.85% net portfolio management fee and 0.23% ETF costs per annum
  • traditional fund: 3% commission, fund changed every 5 years, 1.6% portfolio management fee

ETFs are revolutionizing the way investors manage their portfolios. At Secure Wealth Management, we apply professional processes and investment management techniques, providing a solid framework for your ETF investments.

Our portfolios

From “Fixed-income” to  “Equity”, discover the ETF portfolio that is right for you


Our fixed-income portfolio is made up mostly of government bonds and investment-grade corporate bonds. It is suitable for investors seeking income within a low-risk portfolio,and who wish to prioritise capital preservation.

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Our Conservative ETF portfolio is suitable for investors seeking to preserve their capitaland avoid sharp losses in the markets, whilst earning a commensurate return. It containsmainly bonds, with a maximum equity component of 40%.

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Our Balanced ETF portfolio contains broadly equal weightings in equities and bonds. It is suitable for those seeking some exposure to the equity markets, but with lower volatility than a pure-equity ETF portfolio.

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Our Growth ETF portfolio contains mainly equity ETFs. It is suitable for those targeting long-term capital growth, but with generally lower volatility than a 100% equity ETF portfolio.

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Our equity portfolio is made up of equity ETFs. It is suitable for investors targeting long-term capital growth and who are comfortable with equity risk.

We also offer a 100% leveraged equity ETF portfolio. This portfolio is only available to our managed account clients who are targeting aggressive capital growth with a high risk tolerance.

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Discover the ETF portfolio that is right for you. Contact us and speak with a qualified adviser.