launching the SWM 100% crypto portfolio:
professionally managed, diversified crypto exposure

targeted at individual investors looking for some crypto exposure, but wary of buying individual coins

strategy: this new portfolio uses SWM’s highly successful trading signals to select up to 16 cryptocurrencies where we see the most upside. SWM has established an outstanding track record over the last 12 years for our ETF portfolios (see We are now applying these trading strategies to the crypto universe. We use only institutional-grade investment vehicles for the crypto holdings.

availability: The portfolio is currently available in the form of an Interactive Brokers managed account (minimum investment USD 150,000). It will also be available in the form of a Gen2 Actively Managed Certificate (AMC), please see , which will provide a Swiss ISIN number (minimum investment USD 10,000)

fact sheet – click here

investment policy – click here