Low-cost, highly liquid, transparent. ETFs meet all your investment requirements.


ETF stands for Exchange Traded Fund. An ETF is a listed fund which can be bought and sold on a stock exchange, just like a share. Since their origin in the 1990’s, ETFs have witness exponential growth and, in the middle of 2015, ETFs overtook hedge funds, measured by total assets managed.


he first ETF was launched in Canada in 1990. Since then, the low-cost, flexibility and transparency of ETFs has led to enormous growth in the assets invested in these instruments.

ETFs replicate the performance of an underlying index, for example the S&P 500 equity index in the USA. ETFs are available on indices of equities, bonds, commodities and other asset classes. Using ETFs, it is possible to gain exposure to virtually any asset class, country, sector or investment style globally. As of mid-2015, there were over 4,000 different ETFs available.

What are the advantages of ETFs?
ETFs will replace traditional mutual funds over time. Total asset in Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) have grown from USD 1 billion 17 years ago to USD 3 trillion at the end of June 2015 (source: ETFGI).

Using ETFs, we can construct a low-cost portfolio for you which exactly matches your risk profile. It will be a fully-diversified ETF portfolio, covering the major asset classes, geographic regions and investment styles.


ETFs continue to break records. Recently, the total invested in ETFs and ETPs (Exchange Traded Products) reached 3 trillion US dollars. During the second quarter of 2015, ETFs overtook hedge funds, measured by total assets managed.


We have written a guide to ETFs especially for you.


Offering much better value than traditional funds, ETFs typically cost investors 0.1%-0.2% per annum. Using these ETFs, we construct ready-made portfolios for investors of all types.


ETFs are highly liquid, meaning there are high trading volumes and they can be bought and sold even in times of market turbulence. All our portfolios offer 24-hour encashment to investors.


ETFs can reduce the overall volatility of your portfolio through diversification. Our ETF portfolios are all globally diversified amongst the major asset classes (equities, bonds, commodities etc.).


ETFs are completely transparent. Data for their holdings, their performance and their costs are updated daily. This means you can always see exactly what you own in your SWM ETF portfolio

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