SWM fact sheets August 2021: huge outperformance in crypto, cautious on equities

August 2021 saw every SWM portfolio apart from fixed-income outperform its benchmark. Our crypto portfolio saw an enormous gain of 74% in August, outperforming the HODL crypto index by 27%. We are now outperforming the crypto index by 13% year-to-date. Our ESG portfolios using ETFs continue to build on their outstanding 12-year track record, for example our equity ESG portfolio is outperforming global equities by 4% year-to-date. How should investors position going forward? We believe the best mix of capital preservation and upside return is represented by a 60%-80% allocation to the SWM balanced ESG portfolio, with 20%-40% invested in crypto.

We are increasingly cautious on mainstream equity markets, where our technical trading signals have been deteriorating for several weeks now. This is particularly concerning since major equity indices continue to chalk up new highs, but with consistently deteriorating internal dynamics. We already removed our long-running equity overweight a few weeks ago, we are now actively considering going underweight equities, which would be the first time for 10 years.

Please follow this link to read Secure Wealth Management’s monthly ETF portfolio review for August 2021.