Here are the latest statistics (Q4 2017) from the STEP Trustee Managed Portfolio Index for Secure Wealth’s conservative ETF portfolio with ESG focus. The peer group contains approximately 50 asset managers, including some of the largest global institutions.

Secure Wealth Management – Low Risk – USD – 2017Q4

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We continue to show excellent performance, highlights from the Q4 report include:

  • Over 7.5% outperformance vs. peer group on a 5-year horizon
  • 2.83% outperformance vs. peer group for FY 2017
  • Annualised return over the 5-year horizon of 3.9% net, over 60% higher than the peer group, hedge funds and bonds
  • Sharpe ratio (risk-adjusted return) 0.81, well above the peer group at 0.66
  • 0.63% less maximum drawdown for the Secure Wealth portfolio vs. peer group.

The relative performance chart is shown below.

SWM low risk vs peer group