further gains for all SWM ETF portfolios in March 2019

SWM ETF portfolios added up to 1% additional performance in March 2019, taking year-to-date performance to almost 13% for our growth and equity ETF portfolios. Our ETF portfolios show strong outperformance vs. benchmarks on a 12-month, 3-year and 5-year horizon. All losses for 2018 were made up by early February 2019, and portfolios are now in net positive territory. Equity markets continued to be boosted by the Fed’s U-turn announced in January, improving trade talks and strong technicals.

The S&P’s gain of 13.07% was the largest first quarter gain for the entire bull market which began in March 2009. Technical indicators confirm the rally’s ongoing strength on every front. Just yesterday, Lowry Research noted that overall Supply dropped to its lowest reading for the entire bull market. Whilst there is always the possibility of a sharp short-term correction, the underlying trend is clearly up and we remain overweight equities.

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