SWM ETF portfolio fact sheets June 2019: major outperformance continues

Secure Wealth’s ETF portfolios outperformed benchmarks by 1%-1.4% during June 2019 and are now showing outperformance of between 4% and 6% year-to-date. The exception is the SWM fixed-income portfolio, which is performing in-line with the benchmark. Every single one of our 5 ETF strategies is significantly outperforming on a 12-month, 3-year and 5-year horizon (see page 2 of the fact sheets, link below). Our ESG / sustainable ETFs selection is a key contributor to this outperformance.

Going into the summer break, we are monitoring our tried-and-tested trading signals carefully. If a trade war actually occurs, a mild global recession would be triggered, and this is not currently priced into markets. In addition, our technical indicators show several non-confirmations amongst the small cap segment, usually the first part of the market to turn at the end of an extended bull market. The technical trends in mid- and particularly large-caps are fully intact, however. Given the major outperformance that we have generated year-to-date, we may consider taking some money off the table for our clients over the summer. This would be a tactical trade. We continue to believe that the overall equity bull market will continue for many months.

Please follow this link to read Secure Wealth Management’s monthly ETF portfolio review for June 2019.