SWM ETF portfolio fact sheets, December 2020: a record year, double-digit outperformance

SWM’s ETF portfolios with ESG focus finished 2020 with another very strong month. For the full year 2020, we delivered double-digit outperformance vs. benchmark in all equity-containing strategies, a record level of outperformance. We continue to show large outperformance for every strategy, on every time horizon (please see page 2 of the attached fact sheets). How have we achieved this consistent, long-term outperformance? Our reliance on Fibonacci-based technical indicators and network analytics algorithms are the key. In terms of our holdings, the strong overweight in ESG/sustainability investments (Environmental, Social and Governance) since 2017 has paid large dividends. Also, our small (1% or 2% per portfolio) holdings in cryptocurrency have been an excellent performance-booster.

For 2021, we expect further strong performance from our ESG ETFs and from crypto. In the US market, our technical indicators are showing the typical signs of the start of a long-term, significant equity rally. However in the short-term, the market is overbought and we would expect a correction in the coming weeks. This would be our cue to move to a full overweight in equities, in anticipation of significant market gains in 2021.

Please follow this link to read Secure Wealth Management’s monthly ETF portfolio review for December 2020.