We are launching the SWM crypto growth portfolio:  20% crypto, 80% sustainable growth ETFs                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
20% crypto: we will use our proven investment process to select up to 6 of the largest 10 cryptocurrencies which we believe offer the most upside, making up 20% of the overall portfolio

80% sustainable growth ETFs: the remaining 80% consists of a diversified basket of growth-oriented, sustainable equity ETFs

risk / volatility: the overall volatility of the portfolio is approximately twice that of equity volatility (currently c.12%). This is significantly lower than directly owning cryptocurrencies

diversified strategy: the low correlation between the growth-oriented ETFs and the cryptocurrency holdings delivers a material diversification effect on the overall portfolio

ESG/sustainability: The 80% invested in ESG/sustainable equity ETFs acts as a carbon-positive offset to the 20% in cryptocurrencies

availability: The portfolio is currently available in the form of an Interactive Brokers managed account (minimum investment USD 100,000). It will also be available in the form of a Gen2 Actively Managed Certificate (AMC), please see www.g2fp.com , which will provide a Swiss ISIN number (minimum investment USD 10,000)

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