SWM ETF portfolio fact sheets, April 2021: crypto performance shines

The star performer for April 2021 was SWM’s newly-launched 100% crypto portfolio. The portfolio gained just under 8% in as many trading days (launch date was 20th April). Our biggest holding is Binance, which was up 100% in the month, with Ethereum up 50% for April. Our tried-and-tested technical signals, which we are now applying to crypto, indicate significant further upside for crypto during the course of 2021 (as mainstream adoption continues).

Our traditional ETF portfolios also showed strong gains across the board for April, with our equity ETF portfolio now up 11.4% year-to-date, outperforming global equities by 3.2%. We continue to see good upside for equities in the coming months and have a strong overweight in US ESG small caps. Fixed-income also bounced following the sharp sell-off in Q1 due to the post-Covid inflation scare. Our ETF portfolios continue to show multi-year outperformance across all strategies (see p.2 of the fact sheets).

Please follow this link to read Secure Wealth Management’s monthly ETF portfolio review for April 2021.